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Coca-Cola to recycle…. again



Earlier this month, Coca-Cola announced it was investing over $60 million to construct the world’s largest plastic bottle recycling plant. According to Coke, the goal of the plant is to “recycle and reuse 100 percent of the companies PET bottles in the United States.” Seriously, what are they thinking? There is no way to recycle 100 percent of all the plastic bottles they are using around the country. Unless they are going to hire people to go through trash on the streets, I don’t think this strategy is going to work.

According to the National Association for the PET Container Resources 2005 report, only 1,170 of the 5,075 PET bottles are recycled in the United States. That means only 23.1% of Americans are recycling.

If the past is any indication, Coca-Cola’s goals are much higher than possible to achieve success. Coke stated in a New York Times article on Sept. 6, 1990 that all of its bottles would be made using 25 percent recycled materials. The announcement made news for Coke, and made them stand out among other companies at the time. However, Coke decided several years into the campaign that it was too much of a high cost. Now, let’s recall that Fortune 500 magazine did report in 2005 that the Coca-Cola company had over $23 million in revenue. Hmmmmm…….


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