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Good morning and happy Super Tuesday to you! I had all intentions of writing this post last night, but I got a little caught up in getting my newly acquired iPod to function properly. (it was my first competitive purchase on Ebay… I won it with 14 seconds left.. woot woot! ) obama.jpg

Has anyone seen the new music video ehhh…. speech put to music…. ehhhhh coolest thing ever from Barack Obama lately? Well, if you haven’t, you should probably take a look or this post will make no sense to you. Firstly, I would like to applaud will.i.am for pulling such great performers together and making a musical piece that is so inspiring. I am positive that Mr. Obama is also applauding and thanking you for all the publicity he has received from the video.

This particular video is another perfect example of how to use interactive tools such as streaming video and YouTube to drive a point home and promote oneself. The video was posted on YouTube three days ago and already has 1,205,535 views. How many of these people have never paid attention to politics before now? How many thought the video was inspiring enough to motivate them to vote in today’s election? How many people passed the video link along to their friends and family? I know I did. It’s amazing how fast these things can move huh?

I am already a big fan of Barack Obama. I think he brings a nice, fresh breath of air to a struggling society. After I saw the speech/music video yesterday, I thought to myself “Hmm…. maybe he gets this whole social media thing.” I would say he does. Look at his website. He not only features the video on the very first page, but he has a blog, streaming web video from events across the country and an interactive map used to locate local events. Oh yea, he has that whole social media thing going on down in the right-hand corner of the page too. It lists all the different tools he is using to connect to people.


As you read about the election coverage today and listen to the results later this evening, think about Obama’s strategy. I would venture a guess that he is gaining a LOT of younger votes. Every time I log in to Facebook, Myspace or Youtube,something about Obama is there to greet me. Sounds like a good strategy to me since the average user spends somewhere around 160 minutes per month on Facebook.

Other candidates are doing the same, but I think Obama has integrated his social media tactics better than anyone else on the ballot. If candidates are trying to win presidential elections while using these tactics, I think PR professionals should start using them too. I’m sure many clients would love to see their product’s video receive hundreds, thousands or millions of hits on Youtube. Once again, embrace these changes PR professionals! And go vote too!

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