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Don’t hate PR folks…

After reading about the infamous Wired professionals.jpgmagazine post singling out PR professionals who pitched stories unrelated to the magazine or simply put no effort into researching the magazine or the authors, I found this insightful post from Linda Vandevrede. It’s a must-read for all PR professionals who actually do their job the right way. Linda gives 10 reasons why people should not hate PR practitioners. My favorites are:

  • They’re much easier to talk to than other professions. (Ever attend an engineering or accounting conference?)
    I agree. PR professionals are trained in the art of communication. We all know that newspaper or magazine journalists need extra information when deciding to write a story. Wouldn’t you rather talk to someone who knows how to explain things thoroughly? If not, then by all means, try to communicate with a lawyer or an accountant. I am pretty sure you will find it to be rather difficult.
  • They’ve deliberately chosen a field where there is little control and few thank you’s. PR professionals realize that most of the hard work they do will never be credited to them. They will attract attention through media outlets, and no one will realize they were the ones who did all the research and compiled the information. Pat yourselves on the back journalists, you are the ones who will receive Pulitzer prizes.
  • They don’t care how you communicate with them. They’ll respond to emails, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, cell phones, smoke signals, you name it.
    PR professionals’ goal is to get publicity for their company/organization. They are constantly trying to communicate with the media. Since the overall goal is to gain a noticeable presence in media, they will do everything they can to get back to your questions and concerns.

I agree that some public relations practitioners have become lazy due to online media options, but the vast majority of PR professionals still work hard to accomplish goals. We research for endless hours and then try to see our work come to fruition in the media. If we hold ourselves accountable and work as hard as we know we should be working, it will all fall into place. One last point. Research. Research. Research.

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