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  New & Improved Airport Amenities



The air travel industry in the United States have been struggling since  the Sept 11th attacks.  Many companies have filed bankruptcy and most are still fighting to get out of debt.  As I was  reading an article in USA Today earlier this morning, I found some interesting facts about what airports are doing to appeal to the public.  After more research, I realized some airports are tapping into social media tools to communicate better with patrons. 

Our very own Akron-Canton airport is using blogs! Yes, you heard correctly… BLOGS.  The airport offers a link on its Web site to 3 Akron-Canton executives’ blogs about different aspects of  the airport.  When I clicked on the link, I expected to see a handful of posts about how wonderful the airport is.  What I found actually surprised me and made me give a tip of my hat to the airport for being so transparent to its customers.  The blogs are updated regularly, include great links and ( gasp ) even discuss the importance of social media.

Blogging is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to airport changes and new amenities.  Here are some new services you may find at an airport near you:

  • Massage stations

  • Flu shots in airport terminals

  • Napping chairs in terminals ( http://www.metronaps.com/ )

  • Fitness centers

  • Work stations equipped with laptops, printers, fax machines and U.S. Postal Service drop boxes (more…)


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christmas.jpgI am a busy college student.  When I want to see my family, I have to pencil them in to my schedule…. I know, it’s quite sad.  But, this wonderful college career is over soon and I am relatively certain it will all be worth it.  Because of this lack of time, I have found myself shopping online more frequently over the past couple years.  Today, while I was reading an article on The National Retail Foundation Web site,  I came across a study about the 2007 holiday shopping predictions.  The statistics are staggering and interesting for any public relations practitioner in the retail business. Here are some key points from the article

  • 44.3 % of adults plan to shop online during the 2007 holiday season
  • 53.8 % of adults would like to receive a gift card as a gift
  • the average American will spend almost $500 on gifts for family members
  • the average adult will spend approximately $100 on gifts for themselves in in the holiday season (more…)

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Are you a Tigger or an Eeyore?


On Monday, I started drafting a new blog post in my mind. It started as a post about Kent State’s PR program. On Tuesday, it was a post about PR in the entertainment industry. The topics kept changing as the week progressed, but it wasn’t until yesterday that I found something that really made sense. I was reading the latest Young PR post, which included a video feed of a speech given by Randy Pausch.

Pausch is a professor of computer-science at Carnegie Mellon University. He is also terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and is expected to only live for a few more months. In the speech, Pausch outlined several points to consider while riding the roller coaster of life. If you have an hour to spare , watch it. ( I know, I know…. you don’t even have a minute to spare! ) But, it is hands-down the best speech I have ever heard. You can learn more about Pausch in this Wall Street Journal article. Here are some of the main points of his speech:

  • Brick walls are there for a reason, they let us prove how badly we want things.

  • Get fundamentals down. Without them, none of the fancy stuff can happen.

  • Wait long enough, and people will surprise and impress you.


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