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Today I was talking to my buddy David and he started telling me about the time he went bobsledding….and scuba diving…and on some Mexican Safari (which is a very odd story, but more about that later….) and I realize3df10m_bucket.jpgd there are so many things I want to accomplish in my lifetime. Call it a quarter-life crisis, but I will be 25 this year and I feel like if I don’t step up to the plate now, I won’t be able to do these things later.

So, this brings me to my insightful “Bucket List” blog post. It’s a start to a list of things I would like to accomplish before I die. If you have done any of these things or you think there is something else I should try (I generally will try anything), please feel free to share your comments/insight.

1. Visit Venice, Italy and ride on a gondola.

2. Sit on a hill overlooking the Golden Gate bridge and watch a California sunset.

3. Go to the Olympics.

4. Write a book. (much like my friend Bob… everyone should go buy his book– it’s simply fabulous! )

5. Be my own boss.

gondola_venice_italy.jpg6. Marry the love of my life.

7. Learn to play the piano.

8. Go skiing in Colorado.

9. Be a mommy and a best friend to my children.

10. Drive across the country.

11. Be a role model to someone.

12. Go to Disney World AND Disney Land.

13. Stay in a penthouse at the Bellagio in Vegas – hehe that’s just a fun one 🙂

14. Buy a house with a big wrap-around porch (with rocking chairs)

15. Sit next to Tom Hamilton while he gives a play-by-play at an Indians game.rocking-chairs.jpg

16. Swim with dolphins.

17. Run a marathon.

18. Visit Sydney, Australia ( shout-out to Paull Young on that one! )

19. Travel Europe with my mom.

20. Own my own coffee shop.


So, there’s a start. Hopefully I can cross some of these off the list soon. But, I will probably add more to replace the ones I accomplished! Ahhh…. that felt good. Fellow PR folks and social media butterflies… sorry if this post bores you– but no fears, an insightful PR post is being crafted as we speak.


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