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Hello friends!

Sorry about my recent absence in the blogging world.  My life has been chaotic lately… to put it lightly.  So, I’m getting back into the groove and actually setting aside some time to work on this lovely little blog.  I have lots of updates to share with everyone.

1. I’m getting married!! After about 4 years of dating, Aaron and I are finally tying the knot.  I was 100 percent wrong when I told people that he would be buying a big screen TV before a ring. Sorry Aaron, I stand corrected. (note: the TV was purchased approximately one week after the engagement) We picked August 29, 2009 and I cannot wait!  The wedding web site is in the works, the half-finished version of it can be found at www.abby-aaron.com.

2. I have OFFICIALLY moved to Cincinnati.  I couldn’t be happier about the move and I am excited to be starting my PR career in such a great city. The social media ties are strong here and I can only assume they will get stronger in the future. Thanks to everyone who has helped with the transition– mainly Kevin Dugan. Dude, you rock.

3. Aaron and I are buying a house! Our apartment lease is up in December, so we are on the lookout for a nice little starter home somewhere around Cincinnati.  If anyone has suggestions, please send them my way. I am a little partial to the east side of town 🙂


That’s about it for now. I have decided to change my blog a little bit.  I am still focusing on PR-related things, but some personal things are also going to be incorporated into some posts. I hope everyone is okay with this. Don’t worry, I promise to deliver some humor.  That’s all for now… thanks for reading. I will be back soon, I promise!

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